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Al icon training minor suit wearing.png Al icon training major suit wearing.png Suit Wearing, soldier training
Human Reticulan Martian Robot
Minor Training 1 points {{{r1}}} points {{{m1}}} points {{{d1}}} points
Requires {{{req1}}}
Effect Enables special movement modes and poses.
Major Training 2 points {{{r2}}} points {{{m2}}} points {{{d2}}} points
Requires Icon tech planetology.pngHeavy Duty Suit
Effect Allow wearing of heavy spacesuits.
Internal ID Game ID: 11, SuitWearingMinor {{{r1_id}}} {{{m1_id}}} {{{d1_id}}}
Game ID: 12, SuitWearingMajor {{{r2_id}}} {{{m2_id}}} {{{d2_id}}}

Game Descriptions[]


The character will be able to crouch or lie down in the spacesuit, as well as walking and standing which can already be done without this training. Major version of this training will enable him or her to wear heavy suits.


The character will be able to wear the types of space suits that are too heavy and difficult for other men or women to manage.


Heavy Suits enables a soldier to survive the onslaught of Beastmen in highly hostile environments. Thus, having at least six soldiers trained in major suit wearing is a must. But whether the training should be extended to every soldier is debatable.

The alternative to major suit wearing is Al icon training minor athletics.pngMinor Athletics and Al icon training minor stability.pngMinor Stability for a high mobility soldier.