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Technology Supercomputers Game ID: 260, T_Supercomputers
Man-days 89 Category Icon tech earth.png Earth
Requirements Icon tech earth.pngEarth Technologies
Description If we can shrink the size of the processor and increase its performance, our computers will be even more useful, especially in combat situations.
Result This technology enables our computers’ miniaturization, so they can perform difficult tasks even when integrated into spacesuits or weapons. Moreover, the computing power may be useful in decoding Martian archives and learning the language of this ancient civilization.
Al icon building supercomputer.jpgSupercomputer 4 man-daysMetal 3Noble Metal 1 Icon tech earth.pngBattle Robot Turret (85)
Icon tech earth.pngEnhanced Robotic Chip Cards (100)
Icon tech earth.pngHi-Tech Armored Suit (103)