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Game ID: MartTerraform This event happens when Al icon building mars simulation.jpgMars Simulation is built and after finished Icon tech martian.pngEM Principles research.


This event explains that planetary magnetic field is one of the key terraformation technologies, and the tactical benefit of terraformation.

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Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg Martian knowledge has helped us to learn enough so we can try to modify Mars' magnetic field. We only need to examine a few more details and our theories may then be put in practice.
Al icon pc neil barker.jpg It's okay to reprogram our current terraformation stations and add new devices for magnetic field generation.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg We should wait to see what result our research yields.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten.jpg Faster terraformation will be useful for our soldiers. They will be able to move more freely and the suit damage will not be as dangerous as it is now.