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Technology Terraforming Acceptable by Martians Game ID: 291, T_MartianfriendlyTerraforming
Man-days 90 Category Icon tech planetology.png Planetology
Requirements Icon tech martian.pngSpoken Martian Language
Icon tech planetology.pngAccelerated Terraformation
Al icon event.pngMartians Protest
Description Maybe we could find a way to make the terraforming process tolerable to the original inhabitants of Mars.
Result It seems that the Martians should be able to live in an environment very similar to the one on Earth. Only slight changes need to be made to the magnetic field and the atmosphere's gas content to make terraformation acceptable to them. People could easily survive in the open in these conditions, , it would only need small adjustments. To reprogram terraforming stations would take just a matter of hours.
Enables Peace with Martian at higher terraformation level. For details see Al icon event.pngMartians Protest.

Note: at highest difficulty this tech appear at 66% terraform ratio.