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Al icon training minor toughness.png Al icon training major toughness.png Toughness, soldier training
Human Reticulan Martian Robot
Minor Training 2 points {{{r1}}} points {{{m1}}} points {{{d1}}} points
Requires Icon tech medicine.pngMedicine
Effect Increase Hit Point by two skill level.
Major Training 3 points {{{r2}}} points {{{m2}}} points {{{d2}}} points
Requires {{{req2}}}
Effect Remain conscious even when running out of available hit point.
Internal ID Game ID: 13, SoundHealthMinor {{{r1_id}}} {{{m1_id}}} {{{d1_id}}}
Game ID: 14, SoundHealthMajor {{{r2_id}}} {{{m2_id}}} {{{d2_id}}}

Game Descriptions[]


The character will be able to endure more damage than usual, i.e. the hit point maximum is increased.


The character will be able to keep on fighting even when he should be stunned or become unconscious.


Minor Toughness can considerably increase hp, and is considered quite useful on most difficulties.

Constitution Original Toughness
Weak 79 126
Average 100 159
Good 126 200
Outstanding 159 252
Heroic 200 318
Supernatural 252 400

Major Toughness is less useful, because it is good practice to have a medic to keep the hp in green, both to conserve precious training points and to prevent temporary damage from being converted into permanent damage.