Al icon suit transport suit Transport Suit, Human Light Suit Game ID: 2, HumanLightTransportArmour
Suit Addon - Weight 15 kg
Bag 10x6
Technology Icon tech planetologyTransport Suit Factory - Resource Level 1Al resource metalMetal1
Production 3 Assembly 1.5

Self Repair Speed 1 Environment Hostility Resistance 4
Al slot transport suit

Projectile 10%
Fire 10%
Melee 10%
EM 70%
Psionic 0%
Explosion 10%
Laser 10%

Despite its virtually nonexistent protection rating, Transport Suit is the spacesuit with highest capacity, easily beating every other spacesuits.

Game Description Edit

This suit has similar characteristics to the basic one, but you can carry much larger items with you on missions. It also offers slightly better protection against a hostile environment.