UFO: Afterlight wiki

There are three vehicles in the game, one for each character class.

Since there is only one vehicle each, it is impossible to split the characters into multiple teams to work at multiple sites at the same time. But it is possible to cancel or change order when the vehicle is traveling or working. Even the UFO's order can be changed, allowing multiple missions in one go or canceling planned missions to return home.


Vehicle ufo.jpg

Offical UFO wallpaper

Speed: 0.6

UFO is used by soldiers to quickly travel to areas that need their attention.

UFO's range is limited by Fuel - beyond the territories immediately neighboring the Base, each additional territory requires 1 level of fuel.

UFO also has a limited capacity of 750kg. Each soldier weights 20kg, regardless of race, plus the weight of his/her/its suit and equipments.

Supplies can be placed into the UFO's boot, and during a mission they can be accessed from the soldier's inventory screen (next to the group tab) when the soldier is standing in the area directly in front of the UFO. Thus it is possible to resupply or even switch equipments in the field, making it easier to run multiple missions in one go to save time.

There is one tech help with the engine to make it go faster.

Game Description (UFO)[]

UFO is one of the Reticulans' aircrafts. They gave it to us when the Mars colony was established. It is the fastest of our vehicles, so it is perfect to transport our soldiers into battle and then back to base.
It needs some kind of organic fuel to fly. When the access level to Fuel is None, UFO can fly only to the neighbouring territories. Every level above this increase its radius by one region.

Scientific Craft[]

Vehicle scientist.jpg

Speed: 0.12

Scientific Craft is used by scientists to build scientific stations.

It is much slower than UFO but measurably faster than the truck. Scientific Craft is not limited by fuel. Dual class Scientist/Technician with Driving trainings will increase the craft's speed. There is one tech help with the engine to make ground vehicles go faster.

Game Description (Scientific Craft)[]

Science vehicles are lighter and swifter than the technician's trucks. This is because they are on the whole just required to carry geological or archeological tools and the installations they build do not need too many buildings or heavy machinery.

Technical Truck[]

Vehicle technician.jpg

Official truck wallpaper

Speed: 0.07

Technical Truck is used by technicians to build engineering stations.

It is the slowest vehicle of all three. Scientific Craft is not limited by fuel. Technician with Driving trainings will increase the truck's speed. There is one tech help with the engine to make ground vehicles go faster.

Game Description (Technical Truck)[]

Technicians use convoys of heavy trucks carrying all the necessary elements for building mines and other stations. They may travel anywhere on the planet and establish installations important for running the colony.