Technology Warehouse Game ID: 331, T_Warehouses
Man-days 24 Category Icon tech planetology.png  Planetology
Requirements Icon tech planetology.png Water Tank Construction
Level 3 Al resource metal.png Metal4-7
Level 3 Al resource chemical.png Chemical4-7
Level 3 Al resource fuel.png Fuel4-7
Description If we store some of the raw materials at our home base, we can use more of them for manufacturing or construction.
Result Our scientists have developed the ground plans for warehouses to store metals, chemicals and fuel. This will allow us to accumulate these raw materials at the home base, enabling better access and ensuring that we are not so dependent on the distant mines.
Enables Al icon building fuel store.jpg Fuel Store Icon manday 6.png Al resource fuel 4.png Al resource metal 2.png
Al icon building metal store.jpg Metal Store Icon manday 6.png Al resource metal 4.png
Al icon building chemical store.jpg Chemical Store Icon manday 6.png Al resource metal 2.png Al resource chemical 4.png
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