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Al icon pc willhelm schrooten.jpg Willhelm Schrooten, Male HumanGame ID: 19, Willhelm Schrooten
Voice Cast: Simon Kerr
Character Name Willhelm Schrooten Nick Willhelm Class Scientist / Technician
Title Commander in Chief When Stressed
Relationship Friends -
Families Al icon pc vera schrooten.jpgVera Schrooten
Starting Level Scientist 2 / Technician 2 Training -
Condition Al icon event.pngGame Start
Honorary Facility Schrooten's facility
Schrooten powerplant
Technology Schrooten Principle Weapon Schrooten rifle
Schrooten grenade
Ammo Schrooten battery

Willhelm Schrooten appears in the opening cinematic and both ending cinematics.


Willhelm Schrooten was just a child, when he was brought from Earth and he carries that memory deeply in his heart. His vision of Mars as his new home has guided the colony through all the hard times and it was natural that he succeeded as leader when his predecessor died. And if he sometimes feels sad and tired, there is always his wife Vera to comfort him.