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UFO Aftershock Trailer (2004)

Game Trailer

Laputa Command Center

UFO Aftershock has three phases of gameplay.

Geosphere Phase[]

This is the phase where you can make time run. Pause, Run normally, and Run quick. Time must run for healing, training, research and manufacture activities to happen

You can see the globe of Earth and view any location. The moving viewpoint does not  cost time. In pause mode, the laputa does not move. 

By clicking on Laputa then click on one point on earth Laputa will move if time does not pause.

By clicking on a suitable location, you can build tracks/sea lanes linking different region/bases to ensure smooth flow of resource harvesting, manufacture and research activities happen on the whole world. 

Base Phase[]

This is the time you make base management decision. Every action decided inthis phase does not take time, as it eternally Pause in here. You must get out to Geosphere mode to allow time run for things to happen.

You can view overall economic situation in Overview tab of THAT moment, since it's pause time.

You can view different bases and each one's facilities in Base tab. You can destroy any facility immediately, take no time and cost nothing. You can command build a facility and it will take resource, but building will only happen once you get to Geosphere phase.

YOu can make Manufacture decision and it will cost resource, Again, it only progress if time run. Cancel any manufacture process take no time and cost nothing other than the resource invest at the moment of starting it.

Diplomacy tab determine your relation with other factions on Earth

Combat phase[]

This phase take time  but does not count toward geosphere time. In effect, you can take as long as you want to complete a battle but the game consider the entire battle as take no time at all.

Permanent injuries in this phase take real time to cure