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This page deal with all the weapon addons, accessories, armors by human manufacturers. Psionics and Cyborgs components get their own pages.

Weapon Add-ons[]

Some weapon accessories can be "composed" into a gun only by a soldier with Sniper training. After completed, it can be used by anyone with correct training related to the weapons.

Sniper Scope[]

The sniper scope is a weapon add-on that can be mounted on the sights slot of most standard rifles. Sniper scopes greatly increase the accuracy of a weapon.

Thermal Sight[]

The thermal sight is a weapon add-on that can be mounted on the sights slot of most normal rifles. When a rifle is equipped with a thermal sight, the shooter receives an accuracy bonus when shooting at a target with a strong infrared signature.

Movement Finder[]

The movement finder is a weapon add-on that can be mounted on the sights slot of most standard rifles. When a rifle is equipped with a movement finder, the shooter’s accuracy penalty when attempting to shoot moving targets is significantly reduced.


The gyrostabilizer is a weapon add-on that can be mounted on the under-barrel slot of most standard rifles. This device steadies the soldier’s aim, improving his or her accuracy.


Silencers are weapon add-ons that can be mounted on the barrel slot of most normal rifles. This device greatly reduces the amount of noise a weapon makes, which makes it harder for distant enemies to detect the shooter’s position. The unfortunate side effect of the silencer is that it reduces the weapon’s effective range.


The accelerator is a weapon add-on that can be mounted on the muzzle slot of most normal rifles. This device uses an electromagnetic field to minimize the wobble and turbulence of a projectile as it exits the weapon’s barrel. This results in greater damage to the target.

Recoil Compensator[]

The recoil compensator is a weapon add-on that can be mounted on the muzzle slot of most normal rifles. This device reduces the amount of recoil a weapon produces, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to aim the weapon between shots. The drawback of the recoil compensator is that it also reduces the weapon’s effective range.

Flash Suppressor[]

The flash suppressor is a weapon add-on that can be mounted on the muzzle slot of most normal rifles. This device makes the weapon’s muzzle flash less conspicuous, making it more difficult for enemies to pinpoint the shooter’s location.

Under-barrel Grenade Launcher[]

The under-barrel grenade launcher is a weapon add-on that can be mounted on the under-barrel slot of most normal rifles. This powerful add-on actually functions as a second weapon. When equipped with an under-barrel grenade launcher, the rifle has a second firing mode (fire grenade). Using this mode, the soldier can fire 20mm grenades.


Light Armor[]

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This is the basic type of protective body armor for our human soldiers. Its lightweight design does not encumber the soldier’s movement and other actions in any way, and it provides two slots for armor add-ons, like cloaks and power shields. The disadvantage of light armor is that it provides only minimal protection from projectile weapons, and almost no protection from energy weapons.

Medium Armor[]

This protective armor for human soldiers is an upgraded version of the basic light armor design. It provides improved protection from both projectile and energy weapons, but has only one armor add-on slot for cloaks, power shields, and so on.

Heavy Armor[]

Heavy armor is the best protection available for our human soldiers. It provides maximum protection from projectile and energy weapon damage. In addition, heavy armor provides a slot for helmet add-ons, like infra-vision systems and EM scanners. Unfortunately, the extra protection comes at the cost of some movement restrictions—soldiers in heavy armor are unable to crawl. Heavy armor also lacks add-on slots for standard add-on devices like cloaks and power shields.

Light Helmet[]

The light helmet provides a soldier with basic head protection during battle. Although designed specifically for use with light armor, this helmet is compatible with any human armor type except for heavy armor, which has integrated headgear.

Medium Helmet[]

This medium-weight helmet provides human combatants with additional protection in the field. The medium helmet comes equipped with one add-on slot for vision-enhancing gear like night vision and infra-vision systems.

Power Shield[]

The power shield is a device that, when mounted on any standard combat armor, projects an energy field around the soldier that serves as additional protection against energy weapon attacks.

Stealth Devices[]

Personal Cloak[]

The personal cloak is a stealth device that mounts on any standard suit of armor. It projects a sophisticated camouflage field that surrounds and selectively bends and reflects light around the wearer, for all intents and purposes rendering the soldier invisible. This apparent invisibility only holds up to casual observation, however. Any activity that draws attention to the cloaked individual can render the wearer visible.

Sound Dampener[]

The sound dampener is a stealth device that mounts on any standard suit of armor. It is designed to compliment the visual "invisibility" provided by the cloaking field with a field of its own that serves to dampen sound, making it less likely that the cloaked individual will be inadvertently detected.

Group Cloak[]

Using the same technology as the personal cloak, this more powerful unit extends a cloaking field four meters from the wielder in all directions. Any units within that radius enjoy the benefits of the cloaking field. Unlike the personal cloak, which is a passive device, the higher energy demands of the group cloak require that the device be activated manually as needed. The group cloak can maintain the field for about two minutes per activation. The number of times the device can be activated depends on the type of power cells used.


Basic medikit[]

The basic medikit is an essential accessory on the battlefield. This simple first-aid kit can be used to apply bandages and ease the pain of wounded soldiers. This is often enough to stabilize their condition sufficiently so that they can live to fight another day. No training requirement.

Advanced Medikit[]

The advanced model of the standard field medikit is far superior to its basic counterpart. This kit includes additional drugs and instruments that can be used to heal more serious wounds and to alleviate stun damage. One drawback is that the advanced medikit requires special training to operate. (Require Medic training.)


This chemical compound is a broad-spectrum antitoxin that is capable of counteracting the effects of most known poisons. The effects of weaker toxins are usually alleviated with a single shot. Multiple injections might be required to counter stronger poisons.

Stamina Booster[]

This compound, delivered in a field-ready injector pack, is formulated to boost a soldier’s stamina during battle. This has the effect of temporarily increasing the soldier’s ability to absorb damage and withstand attack.

Bio Scanner[]

This handheld, active scanning device is calibrated to detect biological processes—heartbeat, respiration, and so on—in combat situations. It is an active scanner and, as such, must be manually activated each time you want to use it. This inconvenience is handily offset by the increased range and accuracy of this unit compared to passive scanners. However, this device cannot detect mechanical units.

Infra Vision System[]

The infra-vision system attaches to a standard combat helmet. Soldiers equipped with infra-vision systems can see thermal differences in objects on the battlefield—objects hotter or colder than their immediate surroundings stand out from the background.

Night Vision System[]

The night vision system, designed as an add-on accessory for our standard combat helmets, is a passive scanning device that enhances the wearer’s vision in low-light situations. When at least one soldier in your squad is equipped with night vision, you can switch to full-screen night vision mode.

Stasis Field Generator[]

Stasis field generators are designed to stabilize critically wounded soldiers on the battlefield and maintain their vital functions until they can be returned to base for treatment. The stasis field does not heal the injured soldier’s wounds—rather, it projects an energy field that envelops the soldier’s entire body and drastically slows the his metabolism so that the he is essentially frozen in time until removed from the field for treatment.