UFO: Afterlight wiki

After completely building necessary components for a space ship, we can assault the wargots' mothership, the asteroid. This is one long campaign consist of at least 10 battles, and can be up to 20 if you like dawdle with optional yellow strands.

Preface: other than the control module, and two engine, we can build a combination of 8 modules for storage and living spaces. Each living space module equal 4 soldiers. Generally, if you build 3 LS modules for 12, all the equipments and spares (ammo, lots of ammo) for 12 take about 50% of 5 storage modules, which we can use the empty space for loot. Minimally you can build 1 control, 1 engine, 2 LS, and 2 storage for a team of 8 which theoretically can help you fight this campaign

For comparison, a long campaign there cost 80 rounds of .50AP, 800 rounds of 7.62mmAP (for PKMs), and 50 E-cells (for plasma shotgun and rifle)

Goal: assault is to destroy three separate (red) strands (equal to 3 red battles despite 6 markings) on the spaceship. The yellow battles are optional we do for xp and loot.

The whole campaign is counted as instantanous for purpose of healing and manufacture. Even if we carry a lvl3 Medic, any permanent damage left still exist until we return to Earth.

Loot is the usual Wargot plasma rifle and grenade launchers. In patch 1.3, the looted wargot grenade here is greatly reduced. So if you are partial to launching them, it's advisable to bring ammo from Earth.

Enemies are both Wargot and Starghost. If you are quick to play, this might be the 1st time you meet SG, whose SG hover corpse can open up warp research. They are fighting each other in maps that contain two forces.

Maps are 3D, with some part can only accessed by out-of-the-way ladders, and some can be NOT accessible in that map. In which case, should there be any enemies in such part, try to snipe them from afar, and give up on their loots. Scouts with their detectors can be very handy thanks to the humongous complex.