UFO: Afterlight wiki

Cheat codes[]

UFO: Aftershock comes with an in-built game console, which can be activated by adding a new command line option to the game shortcut. Right click the shortcut, and change in target command line:

"C:\Games\UFO Aftershock\UFO.exe" --options enable_system_console=true

Once the option is added, press the [`] button (to the left of the [1] button) in the game to display the console. This also works with the steam version of the game

Different screens has different commands. These are the most useful ones:

Code Effect
? List all commands
untouch Invulnerable mode.
kill_enemies Kills all enemies. Does not remove mines and would kill capture target.
research_all_queued A most useful cheat to complete all the research are in labs' queues. You can avoid adding research with cutscene in Laputa lab to ensure a smooth gaming process
research_all Finishes all researches. Bad because all the research with cutscene will mess up your game.
resource_all Gives max resources.
full_store Gives 25 pieces of each type of item.
add_experience -1 200000 Adds a total of 2000 experience divided to all soldiers in the ACTIVE squad. If there's only one soldiers there, then 2k to that one.
train # Grants # training to selected soldier. # is the training's text id.
add_item # Gives a piece of #. # is the item's text id. IN missions, this will create an item at the tile the active soldier standing on.
add_unit/add_robot # Enrols # to the team. # is the character's text id. Said so but finding correct id is hard.

All in all, research all queued and add experience is two often seen code, while research all can most easily break your game.

Game Engine Exploits[]

While not actually cheating per se, the methods below describe how to abuse the game's internal logic in order to gain an advantage.

Avoiding enemy attacks on your target territory[]

Missions on your target territories may be triggered by several reasons. They can generally be avoided by saving regularly.

  • Mission button generate missions, by reload the save before you can avoid missions you dont want (escort civilians for example) and choose what you want (protect friendly troops).
  • Attacks on your or allies' provinces occur on unknown process and timing. By reload the save before it and doing something else that mission may not occur where it would be.

Loot your allies soldiers[]

Allies' soldiers in mission can carry good equipment and better than your own in early stage of your game.

As long as they dont die to the last man, your reputation wont take too big hit after mission, and a win mission with big loss is still acceptable cost to acquire some advanced weaponry.

If you can hit them unconscious and loot all they carry, then heal them to injured status, that mission still count those hurt men as survive. This only work in early game, but not in middle game when soldiers have perseverance abilities to stand while in red wound status.

This process work in 1.2 and earlier, but of limited use with patch 1.3 when some allies' soldiers are just level1 characters with nothing on their hand.