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Cyborgs are the only race that can use Cyborg implants, and their training in this skill determines what level on implants may be installed. 

Cyborg implants are researched at the (Adv/Basic) Cyborg Implant Labs, and constructed in the (Adv/Basic) Cyborg Implant Factory. 

If you plan to make use of Cyborgs in your squads it really makes sense to invest some time and resources in implant technology, as they can provide some major enhancements to your Cyborgs. Due to the fact that they are part man and part machine they have a higher number ofhit points than humans (Super Heroic hit points = approx 3800HP compared to approximately 3000HP for a human).  As a result they make effective front-line units.

A Cyborg can have 4 different types of implants installed.   Implants cannot be removed once they have been installed, so think about which implants are best for that Cyborg before installing them.  Advanced implants are installed on top of basic level implants, so you can upgrade an implant, but not remove it.  The bonus provided by advanced implants includes the bonus from the basic implant, so the maximum bonus from an implant is +2.   Upgrading an implant does not make the basic implant available for another Cyborg to use.

Body Implants

Cyborgs cannot wear armour like humans, so rely on this implant for their protection.Until you can manufacture  these   implants I wouldn’t recommend recruiting any cyborg without this implant, as they will be very vulnerable to all forms of damage.There are no variations in types of armour, so install the best available.The Basic Body Implant is level 1, and the Advanced Body Implant is level 2.

Arm Implants

Arm implants come in two types, Strength or Dexterity.  Basic level implants will increase the stat by 1 point, while advanced implants will increase the stat by 2 points.This is restricted to Super-Heroic in the release version, but is allowed to go higher with patch 1.1. Basic Arm Implants are level 1, and Advanced Arm Implants are level 2.

Leg Implants

Leg implants come in two types, Strength or Agility.   Basic level implants will increase the stat by 1 point, while advanced implants will increase the stat by 2 points. Basic Leg Implants are level 1, and Advanced Leg Implants are level 2.

Eye Implants

Basic implants are the detail eye and infra-red eye:

Detail eye gives a +1 bonus to Observation, improving the ability to spot enemies.

Infra-red eye allows you to view a thermal image of the battlefield in Infra-red mode. This implant increases the chance of spotting enemies that give off heat.

The Advanced eye implant is the Reticule eye implant which increases the long-rangeskill by 1.

Eye Implants researched at the Basic Implants Lab are level 2, and those researched at the Advanced Implants Lab are level 3.  If a new eye is installed it removes the effects of the old eye, and only gives the benefits of the new eye.


There are a variety of chipsets which can be Composed with Advanced Implants to improve their performance.  Unlike other implants, because they are composed, these can be removed and replaced with other chipsets.  In the release version of the game these could not be composed with Strength implants, but could be composed with other limb implants.

Throwing arm chipset gives a +1 bonus to the Throwing skill. 

Level 2 Implant Surehand arm chipset gives a +1 bonus to the Rifle skill. 

Level 2 Implant Combat arm chipset gives a +1 bonus to the Close Combat skill. 

Level 2 Implant Eye Link arm chipset gives a +1 bonus to the Long Range skill. 

Level 2 Implant Ambidextrous arm chipset gives the Ambidextrous ability as the Ranger skill. 

Level3 Implant.

Manufacturing Implants

As a general rule basic implants are manufactured at the Basic Implants Factory, and Advanced implants, at the Advanced Implants Factory.  Level 2 chipsets are made at the basic factory. Any stat increases gained from installing implants work exactly as if the cyborg had gained a level and spent the point on the stat.  This means that cyborgs can be eligible for training much faster than other races by using implants, as well as increasing the skills related to the stat that was increased.

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