UFO: Afterlight wiki

Basic Human Weapons[]

Close Range: Melee Weapons[]

Browning knife[]

The Browning knife is one of the most basic melee weapon available. It is a good backup weapon that is useful in close combat and as a thrown weapon.


The traditional weapon of Samurai warriors of ancient Earth, the Katana is one of the most elegant bladed weapons ever devised. Far from the most effective weapon on the modern battlefield, a Katana is better than nothing when facing a limited number of opponents in melee combat.


More commonly known as “throwing stars”, shuriken were the preferred weapon of the stealthy Japanese Ninja of ancient Earth. With a simple flick of the wrist, these razor-sharp metal discs sail across short distances to quickly and quietly dispatch an enemy. NOTE: consumables weapons, can not pick up again.

Throwing knife[]

With longer range and more damage potential than shuriken, throwing knives are the thrown blades of choice among combat troops. These weapons also have the advantage of doubling as melee weapons, although they cause less damage than the larger Browning knife in this role. NOTE: consumables weapons, can not pick up again. And no melee mode despite item description

Close Range: Pistols[]

Desert Eagle Pistol[]

This heavy, semi-automatic pistol offers a degree of stopping power that has earned it the nickname "hand cannon." This version of the gun is designed to use 9mm rounds that inflict a great deal of damage upon biological targets, and have the ability to penetrate moderately armored targets as well. The small magazine capacity and slow reload rate of the Desert Eagle are definite drawbacks in heavy combat. A common weapons for Morelmens.

Sonic Gun[]

The sonic gun is an original human design. It uses high-frequency sound pulses to deliver a devastating blast of stunning damage to biological targets. This has the effect of disorienting or rendering the enemy unconscious without inflicting lethal damage. Use battery.

Close Range: Submachine guns[]

Colt model 635 SMG[]

This basic semi-automatic handgun was the backup weapon of choice for a number of 20th century Earth military forces. The weapon’s reliability and 9mm stopping power make it an ideal conventional short-range weapon. 5-rounds burst.

IMI Para Micro Uzi Submachine Gun[]

Research indicates that the Uzi was one of the most widely used submachine guns on Earth in the 20th century. This smaller variant has a high rate of fire, and can carry up to 20 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The small size of this weapon and its short barrel result in low accuracy at any distance beyond short range.

MP-5 Submachine Gun[]

This compact, lightweight submachine gun was popular with Earth law enforcement and special operations teams in the 20th century. Equipped with a 20-round magazine, it can fire bursts of 9mm ammunition with good accuracy in short to medium-range engagements against unarmored or lightly armored targets.

Close Range: Shotguns[]

SPAS 12 Shotgun[]

The SPAS 12 was originally manufactured for military and police close-combat operations. This shotgun can be fired as both a manual, pump-action weapon and as a gas-operated semi-automatic. It has an ammo capacity of 8 12-gauge shells, which are loaded manually into an under-barrel tube magazine. Although versatile and powerful, the SPAS 12 is heavier than conventional shotguns. Also common seen on Morelmen.

SPAS 15 Shotgun[]

More advanced version of the SPAS 12, features both manual and semi-automatic operation. It carries up to 6 12-guage rounds in its detachable magazine. Despite having a lower ammo capacity than the SPAS 12, the advantages of this model over its predecessor are a faster rate of fire in semi-automatic mode and faster reloading time. Common seen on Human village's combatants.

Rifle: Assault Rifles[]

HK 33 Assault Rifle[]


This powerful rifle was a popular assault weapon commonly used by 20th century Earth law enforcement agencies. The HK 33 assault rifle has a 25-round magazine of 5.56mm rounds that can be fired singly or in three-shot bursts.

M4 Carbine[]

Based on designs used by the military in Earth’s United States, the M4 has a high rate of fire and is ideal for medium to long-range engagements. It sports a 30-round magazine of 5.56mm bullets that provide excellent penetration against both armored and unarmored targets.

AK47 Assault Rifle[]

The AK47 was widely used by military forces on Earth, especially on the eastern continents in the mid- to late-20th century. Similar in design and function to our other assault weapons and carbines, the AK47 sacrifices accuracy and range for the better stopping power and higher damage potential of its 7.62mm rounds.

XM8 Assault Rifle[]

Designed to replace the M4 carbine, the XM8 assault rifle is superior to that weapon in versatility and reliability. The rate of fire and stopping power is comparable to that of the HK 33 and the M4, but its accuracy is far superior.

Long Range: Sniper Rifles[]

MSG90 Sniper Rifle[]

This short, lightweight rifle is an excellent sniper weapon. It sports a 5-round magazine of 7.62mm ammunition that delivers good stopping power at long range. When fitted with optional optical sights, the MSG90’s already superb accuracy is greatly improved.

M82A1 Barrett Sniper Rifle[]

This monstrous sniper rifle is unmatched when it comes to stopping power. Equipped with a 10-shot magazine of .50 caliber ammunition, it can take out most smaller biological targets in a single shot, and can penetrate armored targets even at extreme range. The size and weight of the M82A1 make it slow to aim, so it is virtually useless at short range and against fast-moving targets. Also psionic sniper can have big trouble lugging this around.

SR-25 Sniper Rifle[]

The SR-25 is a sniper rifle based on the general design of the M16 assault rifle that was used by forces on the North American continent of Earth in the 20th century. The weapon carries a 20-round magazine of 7.62mm ammunition. Lighter than other conventional sniper rifles, the SR-25 is accurate and fairly reliable.

Ultrasonic Gun[]

The ultrasonic gun, or USG, is an original human design. It uses high-frequency sound pulses to deliver a devastating blast of stunning damage to biological targets. This has the effect of disorienting or rendering the enemy unconscious without inflicting lethal damage. The USG is lighter and more effective than earlier sonic weapon designs.

Advanced Human Weapons[]

Mechanical: Machines Guns[]

M60E3 Machinegun[]

The M60E3 is a scaled-down version of the M60 heavy machinegun that was popular with Earth military forces starting in the mid-20th century. It fires 7.62mm rounds at sustained fire rates of up to 100 rounds per minute. The weapon is fairly reliable and has incredible range, though accuracy decreases with distance. The M60E3 can fire a variety of ammunition types, including armor piercing rounds.

PK Machinegun[]

The PKM is a general-purpose machinegun that was originally built by the Earth nation known as the Soviet Union. Though it lacks the range of the M60E3, this weapon makes up for this shortcoming in ammunition capacity (up to 200 rounds of 7.62mm belt-fed ammunition) and rate of fire. A heavy weapon, the best accuracy is achieved when fired from a stationary position using the weapon’s built-in bipod for balance.

Throwing: Grenade Launchers[]

HK69 Grenade Launcher[]

Originally designed by Earth arms experts in the last half of the 20th Century, the HK69 is a single-shot, self-contained grenade launcher that fires a variety of 20mm grenade types (the original fires 40mm grenades but we desired compatibility with our under-barrel grenade launchers). Though it packs a significant punch and has decent range, the HK69 suffers from a fairly slow reload time.

Mechanical: Missile Launchers[]

The biggest drawback of Missile Launcher is the bulky size of their ammo reloads.

RPG-7 Grenade Launcher[]

Originally designed in the mid-20th century, the RPG-7 is a fairly effective rocket-propelled grenade launcher. This single-shot weapon is primarily used for anti-armor applications, but it is capable of firing several types of missiles. Although it packs less punch than the larger M-72 LAW missile launcher, the RPG-7 has greater range, is easier to handle, and has a faster reload time.

M-72 LAW Missile Launcher[]

Originally designed to combat armored vehicles in Earth’s mid-20th century, the Light Anti-tank Weapon (LAW) served for several decades as the military’s primary shoulder-fired missile launcher. It fires a single 66mm armor-piercing rocket that can penetrate up to a foot of reinforced armor. The only drawback to this weapon is its range, which is limited to short and medium-range targets. The reload time is relatively slow.