UFO: Afterlight wiki

Item divided by trainings' abilities, just so you know which can be used by what.

This info is getting from datamining the equipment viewer program on equipment.txt.

Commando equipment:[]

Blowpipe/Airgun (two hand) Katana (twohand) Shuriken (onehand) and Snickersnee (one hand). These ones were affected by some abilities in Commando and Stalker trainings.

Heavy Equipment:[]

Heavy Armor, M60E3, PKM, Wargot plasma rifle, Warp Resonator,

These ones were affected by Technician and Gunman's ability.

Rocket Equipment:[]

20mm HK, Law, RPG7, Reticulan Launcher, Reticulan Plasma Cannon, Wargot grenade launcher,  Grenade Launcher (underbarrel accessory), Underbarrel Plasma Launcher (accessory), All two hand.

Sniper Equipment:[]

Laser Sniper Rifle, Barret, MSG90, SR25, Sonic Gun, I will note that the sniping scope has been fixed in one patch that remove its requirement of this ability. All two hand

Scout Equipment:[]

Doppler Scanner, Heartbeat Scanner, Infra Vision, Group Cloak, Personal Cloak, Sound Absorber, Spirit Vision accessory for helmet, Wargot Doppler Scanner,

From these we can see Sniper is now a dedicated job, You just dont venture into that field unless you plan to tote a sniper rifle. No reason otherwise.