UFO: Afterlight wiki


This section deals with where something is manufactured. These tables show what each type of factory can produce.  Costs are not shown as these vary between difficulty levels.

Item requirement also not shown because they are too varied. Item cost will be locked up and deducted from your resource and release when you delete it from production queue.

Each factory type also have Knowledge level requirements. It can range from 0 to 4.

NOTE: These tables are based on patch 1.2. There was some tweaking in Manufacture section in patch 1.3

Basic Weapons Factory

Advanced Weapons Factory

AK47 Assault Rifle

Defender Drone Core


Drone Sonic Gun

Browning Knife

Fighter Drone Core

Colt model 635 SMG


Desert Eagle Pistol

Heavy Armour

Drone Heavy Shield

Hover Drone Chassis

Drone Light Gun

Psi Helmet

Drone Machinegun

Recoil Compensator

Drone Missile Launcher

Repair Kit

Drone Shotgun

Scout Drone Core

Flash Suppressor

Sonic Gun

HK33 Assault Rifle

Sonic Mine

HK69 Grenade Launcher

Tracked Drone Chassis

IMI Para Micro Uzi Submachine Gun

Ultrasonic Gun


Walking Drone Chassis

Light Armour

Wheeled Drone Chassis

Light Helmet

M-72 LAW Missile Launcher

M4 Carbine

Medical Factory

M60E3 Machine Gun

Advanced Medikit

M82A1 Barrett Sniper Rifle


MP-5 Submachine Gun

Basic Medikit

MSG90 Sniper Rifle

Intelligence Booster

Medium Armour

Paralyzer Dart

Medium Helmet

Poison Dart

PK Machinegun

Psi Booster

RPG-7 Grenade Launcher

Psi Medikit

SPAS 12 Shotgun

Stasis Field Generator

SPAS 15 Shotgun


SR-25 Sniper Rifle

Strength Booster


Warp Medikit


Willpower Booster

Throwing Knife

Under-barrel Grenade Launcher

XM8 Assault Rifle

Basic Implants Factory

Advanced Implants Factory

Basic Agility Leg

Advanced Agility Leg

Basic Body Implant

Advanced Body Implant

Basic Dexterity Arm

Advanced Dexterity Arm

Basic Strength Arm

Advanced Strength Arm

Basic Strength Leg

Advanced Strength Leg

Combat Arm Chipset

Ambidextrous Arm Chipset

Detail Eye Implant

Eye Link Arm Chipset

Infra-Eye Implant

Reticule Eye Implant

Surehand Arm Chipset

Throwing Arm Chipset

Psionics Factory

Advanced Psionics Factory

Accuracy Circlet

Capacity Vambraces

Cloak Collar

Confusion Projector

Damage Circlet

Escape Collar

Healing Collar

Helmet Psi Booster

Interference Circlet

Life Drain Circlet

Light Psi-Suit

Life Sink Vambraces

Paralysis Projector

Motivation Collar

Projector Vambraces

Psi Suit

Protection Collar

Vivid Image Circlet

Psionic Poison Projector

Trueshot Vambraces

Ordnance Factory

Energy Weapons Factory

.50 Browning AP Ammo


.50 Browning Ammo


20mm Grenade

Drone Laser

5.56mm AP Ammo

Drone Light Shield

5.56mm Ammo

Drone Plasma Gun

5.56mm Flechette Ammo


7.62 NATO AP Ammo

Laser Pistol

7.62 NATO Ammo

Laser Rifle

7.62 NATO Explosive Ammo

Laser Sniper Rifle

7.62mm AP Ammo

Plasma Gun

7.62mm Ammo

Plasma Shotgun

85mm Explosive Grenade

Under-barrel Plasma Launcher

85mm Phosphorous Grenade

9mm AP Ammo

9mm Ammo

Hyper-Energy Weapons Factory

Acid Grenade

Drone Medium Shield

Drone Autodestructor

Drone Warp Gun

Flash-bang Grenade


Fragmentation Grenade

Power Shield

Fragmentation Mine

Warp Resonator

Incendiary Mine

Warp Rifle

LAW Explosive Missile

LAW Phosphorous Missile

Motion Fuse

Space Program Factory

Phosphorous Grenade

Spacecraft Control Centre Module

Shotgun Cartridge

Spacecraft Engines Module

Smoke Grenade

Spacecraft Living Quarters Module

Thermal Fuse

Spacecraft Stores Module

Detection Equipment Factory

Bio Scanner

Doppler Scanner

Drone Scanner

Drone Doppler Scanner

Drone Infra-Vision System

Group Cloak

Helmet Mounted Psi Detector

Movement Finder

Night Vision System

Personal Cloak

Psi Absorber

Sniper Scope

Sound Dampener

Thermal Sight

Under-barrel Laser Sight