UFO: Afterlight wiki


Moon Mission appear after we finish research Putting the Pieces Together...

There's no assemble craft. You just click on button to send a squad to the Moon.

No stores, no reserve, what you see is what you have. It's recommended to bring 100% of your capacity full of ammo.

Enemies: the top two map is alien Reticulans. Third map has new, unique enemy

First map: Moon surface. Move to the green zone of portal to transport to next area.

There's one troop of 4 aliens in full shielded armor equipped with warp weaponry patrol the area. As warp rifles are slow, you can afford to shoot them with heavy machinegun and sniper rifles to death before they can fire off one round.

Second map, Moon underground base. Find the three red marker structures and shoot them.

This base has plenty of aliens moving around, equipped with reticulan laser/warp rifle, plasma cannon. You can shrug off laser and shoot to death the rest with just a plasma shotgun. HMG and snipers inside this base are too restricted (but overkilled).

You can use the looted weapons to shoot the structures (as of patch 1.3 under the markers quite a bit, not exactly where they are. 1.2 and previous is right where the markers are ) to save ammo. However when the third structure is destroyed, you are immediately teleported to the third map.

Third map: alien cavern. Move to the green zone of end game movie.

The unique enemy of this map: Myrmecol Octopus and Angel. They can dive through the wall and ground to approach our soldiers. Octopus can shoot bright laser the like of Flatster.

Note that end game movie condition trigger by step on the green zone, if you are out of ammo and just dont want to fight anymore, you can send your fastest soldier through and activate it without cleaning up all the rest.

Comparison: this 3 stage battle is not as hard as the Assault Spaceship of Wargot. That one was a series of at least 8 battles and as long as 12, with no time to heal for such long fights.