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Squad Member's Races

There are three main races in the squad, corresponding to the three humanoid factions that reside on Earth: Humans, Cyborgs and Psionics. They differ form one another both in natural ability and in the types of equipment they can use. There's also the drones, but they have very big difference from the others.

The three factions will provide recruits if asked, in exchange for heavy reduce in relation level, the which can be recovered by gifting resources, or completing missions for them.


Humans are still the main inhabitants of the planet Earth. They live an almost tribal existence, with small groups banding together in villages on every continent around the globe. Humans are both male and female.

Humans can be equipped with armors and helmets and can carry most equipment. They have no special abilities and their best role in a squad is as scouts, or light fighting units. Although as a template for other race, they can do well in most roles, make sure an all-human squad is possible for any fight.

Human recruits: -1 to Psi power +1 to Mechanical

Human females  are smaller, harder  to hit and slightly stealthier than their male counter-parts.  They are also weaker, and have slightly fewer hit-points.


Cyborgs are offshoots of humans who are born to human communities and develop their mutation sometime shortly after birth. The Cyborg mutation manifests itself as a reduced immune response to electronic implants, and the development of a central nervous system that is easily connected to silicon-based computer hardware. This allows them to use cybernetic devices to enhance their skills and abilities. The Cyborgs are all male.

Cyborgs can be equipped with body, leg, arm and eye implants. This is also their special ability. The implants are mechanical enhancements that improve certain skills. Once a Cyborg is equipped with an implant, the implant is permanently attached and cannot be removed.

Although implants cannot be removed once installed, they can be upgraded. For each basic implant, there is an advanced version. An advanced implant simply enhances the effects produced by the already-installed basic version.

The normal role of Cyborgs is as an offensive, front-line unit. All-Cyborb squads are possible, but the loss will be pretty great due to their straightforwardness. Also, without research/factory related to implants active and producing, hired Cyborgs will operate at lesser capacity.

Cyborgs: -1 to Stealth +1 to Close range

Compared to humans, cyborgs are larger, less stealthy, have 25% more hit points, and can carry more.  They are also the only race capable of using cyborg implants.


The Psionics have a highly developed mental capacity and powers that are far beyond those of average human beings. These heightened mental powers are caused by a mutation — one that apparently only manifests itself in females. Psionics are born to human communities and develop the mutation sometime shortly after birth.

Psionics can be equipped with a circlet, collar, vambraces and suit. The first three are special devices enhancing some ability of the Psionic wielding them to project an effect on friendly, or opposing forces in battle. Unlike many conventional devices, like medikits, psionic equipment does not require activation — it is always ‘on’. The effects produced by each psionic device are explained in their descriptions.

The Psionics can carry the least equipment with them in and they have the special ability of Psi detection. Their best role in a squad is as a support unit. All-Psi squad is possible but very fragile (all snipers), can be wiped out in one straight charge. They shine as Leader, Medic, and utility soldiers, illustrate a clear difference between squads having them, and squads have not.

Psionics: +2 to Psi power -1 to Capacity -1 to Hit points

Similar to human females, but with fewer hit points.  They have Psi-vision ability, but are also more visible to psionic creatures.  They are the only race capable of psionic training and using psionic equipment.