UFO: Afterlight wiki


This section contains hints and tips on how to play tactical combat missions against the aliens, focus particular on a member at one location.


Stealth is a skill that can be used to try and avoid being detected by the enemy.  How stealthy your character is depends on their skill, as well as what position they are in and how they move about the battlefield. 

Obvious things like distance and hiding behind cover will reduce the chance of you being spotted, by since you can’t stay still forever how you move is important. This aspect also quite important for snipers since they need to stay stealthy before shooting, and for scouts who operate much forward.


There are three stances for combatant in the game: Standing, Crouching and Prone.   To switch between stances click the stance buttons in the bottom right of the screen.  They will change to the new stance immediately or at the end of their current order.  It takes some time to switch between stances, so if you see a rocket heading for a prone soldier they won’t be able to run away quickly.

Standing – This allows the character to run around the mission.  This is the fastest way to move but is also the loudest.  You are most likely to be spotted by an alien if you are moving fast and making lots of noise, but at least you will be up and close quickly.

Prone – This is where the character lies on the ground.  This is the slowest way to move, but is also the quietest and hardest to spot for the enemy.  Flatsters, due to their height gain the benefits of this stance, hence their ability to “appear” only a few feet away from your soldiers.

Crouching – This is halfway between the other two.  The character stays low to the ground but without sacrificing too much speed.  They are harder to spot and hit than standing troops, but easier than prone ones.

Which stance you adopt is up to you, and circumstances may mean you have to change quickly.  Early in the game, when you have low accuracy fairly short range weapons I suggest rushing into the enemy to get a better chance of hitting them.Change your weapon mode to burst (if available) and try to get as many bullets as possible flying towards the enemy.  At medium range reticulans and morelmen are more accurate than you will be.

Facing of soldiers[]

One of your soldiers is more likely to spot a hostile if they are facing in the right direction. And dont have to turn around to shoot at enemies is a great time saver. So keep in mind the direction of your soldier's facing.

Telling your soldiers to move doesn’t always end up with them facing the right way.  To fix this when you right click to give a move order, keep the button held, and move the mouse in the direction you want them to face.  An arrow will appear on the destination square indicating which way the soldier will face.To do this with stationary troops, right click on the soldier or the square they are on,and move the mouse in the direction you want them to face.  This is much faster than manually moving each troop around until they face the way you want

A standing troopers seem to turn and change facing easier than crouching, and certainly easier than prone. If a fast moving hostile approach, then move through your formation, you will see the difference in reaction, turning and shooting between soldiers of various stances.

Watch Command []

The watch command appears as a button above the stance buttons.  Putting a soldier on watch prepares them for combat.  It reduces the aiming time for the first shot they make, as they are ready to fight.  Use this command when you know you are close to hostiles and they are coming towards you.