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Welcome to UFO: Afterlight wiki! Afterlight is a video game by ALTAR Games. It offers deep strategy and tactical elements, satisfaction of terraforming Mars under enemy fire, and a relatively rich story. A playable demo is waiting for you.

Whether you seek just a little help or eager to find all secrets, we hope this wiki can help. This wiki is under construction, and your help would be appreciated. We need most help on territories, missions, and mobile layout.

Issues: Afterlight does not run on Intel HD Graphics. For other problems see known issues list.

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Disclaimer: This website is dedicated to a video game and is absolutely not related to conspiracy theories. This wiki aims to become a definitive guide to UFO: Afterlight, and hopefully in time a guide to the entire series. Since existing guides on the official ALTAR forums and UAL:Guide wiki are down with them, this wiki is recreated from sketch from the actual game.

UFO- Afterlight Box Art

UFO Afterlight Boxart

UFO: Afterlight is the third in Altar's UFO series of real-time strategy games, which are widely considered as a spiritual successor to Mythos Games and Micropose's X-Com Series. It combines the strategic geoscape of the planet and the tactical squad-based missions. It is distinguishable by the shift in the artistic style and setting of the game.

On May 2004, aliens came to Earth. Ignoring all attempts to make first contact, the aliens dropped a massive cloud of spores over the Earth, covering the skies and choking the life out of the planet. In UFO: Aftermath (2003) the player takes the role of the commander of the last few scattered humans left on the planet with the aim of overcoming the alien threat. It's sequel UFO: Aftershock (2005) follows the events of Aftermath. 50 years has passed, and after losing contact with Earth, the inhabitants of the Laputa Space Station must discover what happened. UFO: Afterlight (2007) takes place at roughly the same time as Aftershock, with the player controlling the humans attempting to colonize Mars.